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Conflicts over money can severely strain a relationship. In a perfect world families and couples would budget wisely, plan for emergencies and save money from day one. Ease the strain by using this section to look at your economic health. We provide a link to calculators and pre-planned budgets to help you.

The link will provide information to help you with your finances and includes information to help you manage your credit. You will be able to receive a Free budget analysis and can use a Debt Calculator. It also has brochures that can be downloaded on a variety of topics such as: Identity Theft, Making the Most of Your Credit Score, and Planning for your Golden Years.

Identity Theft is a major concern for all citizens. We suggest that you learn more at http://www.idsafety.org/. This link is brought to you by International Association of Chiefs of Police and Bank of America, designed to help you combat identity crime.

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